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An American in Paris. Founder and CEO of Previous career in organisational learning and development. Interests : ecology and green strategies, systems thinking, collective intelligence, cross-cultural communication, classical music, architecture and design, cuisine & wine,..

Another (fatal?) blow to American democracy

Never will it be as necessary and futile for Americans abroad to vote in the upcoming presidential election. This will in fact be the first election ever to take place under the 2010 Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited campaign financing … Continue reading

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The big blackout

The new SOPA and PIPA legislation in the US will mandate Internet search engines, ISPs, social networks and any website with a hyperlink to police all such links.  Any infringing website could be  shut down because of links to any type … Continue reading

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The tight wire of seed capital financing

Raising capital can be a thriller. Reality beats fiction hands down. This is the riveting account of my company’s first round of seed capital financing. The true identities of parties involved have been withheld. I founded ParisSharing in early 2010 … Continue reading

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